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36v LiFePo4 10Ah battery

36v  LiFePo4 10Ah battery
Product Detailed

LiFePo4 battery for e-bike
model:36v 10Ah
style:sliver fish
fine quality

Developed by EV battery experts this LiFePO4 battery offers "best in class" technology, safety, power and convenience.

Speed: 20 MPH / Range: 12-34 miles
Charging Time 2 Hours 45 Minutes with 3.5amp ChargerIncludes:

1 x Plug & Play 14 AWG Battery Wire Harness with Anderson Powerpole Connectors Standard
2 x Mounting Brackets and Sliding Plate (for easily securing to rear bicycle rack)

Battery Specifications:

Dimensions: 14" x 2 3/4" x 6"
Weight: 11 Lbs
Voltage: 36 V
Capacity: Available in 10AH Prismatic Cell or 9AH Cylindrical Cell
Cycle Life: 1500+
Discharge Plug Type: Anderson Powerpole 30 Amp
Memory Effect: Zero - demonstrates excellent shelf life and is maintenance free
Safety: Extremely Safe
Environmentally: Best of any EV battery technology

BMS(Battery Management System):

Over-Charge Protection: 3.85V per cell - 46.2v ( 12 cells )
Over-Discharge Protection: 2.3V per cell - 27.6 (12 cells )
Continuous Current: 20A
Max/Peak Discharge Current: 25A
Max Charge Current: 5A
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Balancing: Yes


* Latest LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
* "Safe Chemistry" technology
* Advanced compact built-in BMS(battery management system)
* Over Discharge Protection: To prevent damage to your battery, the BMS will monitor every cell in the battery pack (made of 12 cells). Over Charge, Over Discharge, Short Circuit Protection
* Lightweight impact resistant aluminum battery enclosure
* Replaceable 30 amp fuse
* On Off Key Switch: Locks battery box to provided Rack System
* Locking design
* Convenient carry handle


Proper Care, Usage Instructions & Recommendations:

* Charge completely before 1st use.
* Charger Light Indicator: RED when charging / GREEN when fully charged
* Store in cool dry place
* When storing the battery for extended periods of time (1 month or more ) fully charge and then disconnect the charger
* Always assist motor by pedaling when climbing hills to increase battery life
* Always store battery indoors at night. Never leave your battery outside overnight.
* Disconnect the battery wire from the Controller when not in use
* Do not intentionally short battery leads
* Use only supplied charger
* Leaving the charger plugged in for short periods of time(1-2 days) is acceptable; this will not harm the battery.
* It is advisable to remove the charger if the pack will not be used for an extended period of time. This will extend the life of your charger.
* No “Memory Effect “, this battery can be recharged at any time, in fact, it is always better to charge fully before each ride.
* Secure the battery to the bicycle and lock into place with Key Lock
* In very cold climate ( 0 Celsius ) , the battery will have less capacity

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